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The biggest reason is that you will have to write different types of essays in college and university, which is the reason why most students often have no clue about its style and format. The process of writing an essay involves taking care of different steps, and that's where most students make a mistake. For instance:

1. First, you have to determine the context of your essay. This is the phase where you have to get to know of your topic, format, and audience.

2. The next step is to pick a thesis statement, for which you will have to understand the topic well.

3. Once you have selected the thesis statement, you will have to conduct some research to find evidence for your statement. Here, you will have to go online, visit libraries, and check out resources to collect relevant information.

4. The next step is to plan your essay or create an outline. At this step, it pays to have a look at some other well-written essays to see how other authors have used different evidence in a logical and sound way.

5. After all this, you have to deal with the body of the essay where you should avoid sweeping generalizations and offer relevant information only.

6. The last step is to write the conclusion of your essay where you have to summarize the important points you have covered in the body of your essay. The conclusion should talk about your thesis statement and tell how your evidence verifies the statement.

As you can see, there are so many things happening in an essay. You will be conducting thorough research and spending time in brainstorming ideas to ensure that your essay is on an impressive topic. Then you have to pay attention to the formatting style and write convincingly. It's never easy for a student to take care of all these points and handle these steps well, which is the reason why it makes sense to leave the task to, where we have qualified writers/tutors help you write the best essays.